Pet Friendly Beach

Only small and medium sized dogs are allowed;

LARGE sized dogs are NOT allowed (the only possible exception is if the owner can provide a certificate issued by a veterinarian certifying the docile nature of the dog and the ability of the owner to ensure the dog’s proper behaviour … in summary … we do not accept large dogs);
Dogs may only access the DEDICATED UMBRELLAS, i.e. only certain STANDARD UMBRELLAS (no tents, no suites, no beach umbrellas on the shore, no large umbrellas, no sun loungers on the shore), the dedicated umbrellas are NOT on the walkway;

Dogs are NOT allowed to access other areas than those dedicated to them (i.e. their umbrellas): as a result, dogs cannot stop in the square of the bar, they cannot use showers and fountains directly, they cannot walk on the shore, enter the sea or in the pool;

A dog must ALWAYS be kept on a LEASH;

The dog’s owner must always have a rigid or soft MUZZLE with him so it can be put on the dog in case of need;

The dog must always be tied to an anchor (UMBRELLA) with a leash of a maximum length of 1.5 metres;

It is also forbidden for dogs to remain in the dedicated areas if the dog’s temperament or character proves to be DANGEROUS or causes DISTURBANCES, which means that we reserve the right to remove dogs that bark;

The dog’s owner is both civilly and criminally responsible for the dog’s actions;

The dog’s owner is responsible for CLEANING the dog’s droppings; we can provide scoop and bags in case of need;

Female dogs that show clear signs of the menstrual cycle are not permitted;

IMPORTANT: upon arrival at the beach, the dog’s owner must fill out a form and present the dog’s HEALTH BOOK, showing all performed vaccinations and their relative dates:

The dog must be vaccinated for:

Canine distemper, leptospirosis, canine infectious hepatitis (not less than 20 days and not more than 12 months);

Echinococcosis (not less than 2 days and not more than 20);

Treatment for external parasites;

Insect repellent treatment.

P.S. In case of an inspection by the responsible authorities, if a violation of the regulations is found, fines ranging from € 200 to € 450 will be issued to the dog’s owner and from € 1,000 to € 3,000 to the owners of the establishment.