Family-friendly services for children are available

Many exclusive services such as Mini-Club and Play Area.

We pay special attention to families here, where parents can truly relax while letting their children play in a calm sea with gently sloping and safe seabeds, or alternatively, in the freshwater pool designed just for them. Parents’ vacation is born from the tranquility of their children, and for this reason, we have created a special area and suitable entertainment for them because their fun is yours.

Games, workshops, and parties will engage children in a fun way. Every morning and afternoon, the mini club will be open where professional animators will take care of your children, involving them in playful and recreational activities such as introductory sports, team sports, games with music, on the sand and in the water, dances, choreography…

Competent animators will also be available to welcome the youngest guests. And for all other moments, there’s a cabin full of buckets, paddles, and other sand toys always available for free.